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    Interview/Article with Ville

    “The heart is put in the closet”

    “Love is madness”
    Broken up with Jonna Nygren, Ville Valos year has been dark and tough

    HIMs figure-head Ville Valo sits cross legged on the floor in the dressing room of Provinssirock. The rest of the band lays on sofas, behind them a successful gig for 25000 listeners. Just a few hours earlier Ville Valo gave Ilta Sanomat an interview from the tobacco room of his hotel.
    Valo must me the most routined Finnish rockstar. Even now he answered the questions openly and in a good mood. He didn’t complain about tiredness from the time difference, although just a few days ago he came back after a long American tour.
    How do you cope, the same rotation has gone on after the new record for almost two years?
    -Pretty good, mostly because I know the summer will be a little more easy, Valo answers
    The near week HIM does festival gigs around Europe. The weeks are free, but Valo has things to do
    -I have to write songs, say hi to mom and dad, do festivals and take care of myself with reading and bathing, Valo lists
    Also, moving takes time. Valo recently bought a historical tower house from Helsinki’s Munkkiniemi.
    -There at least are no neighbours to do injustice to, he laughs refering to last winters hullabaloo-news. Valo had a fight with his neighbours in Eira, and the police put him in jail. The thing has been agreed on, and the singer blames no one but himself.
    -I haven’t talked about this a lot, because it was just me being a jerk. I was tired, stressed out, and then I did a stupid thing. It was completely my fault. I asked for forgiveness and we agreed about it together.
    A year ago Ville Valo got engaged to Jonna Nygren in Ruisrock. The couple who had been together for a long time tattooed eachothers initials to their fingers and Valo insisted to Ilta Sanoma’s to know “where his heart belongs”.
    In the spring came the surprising break up news.
    -I don’t know what the situation is at the moment. It’s hard to take care of your relationship if in two years you are away for one and a half. I last saw the lovely dame the day before this. I’ve been working so hard, Valo tells.
    -Lately, the heart has been put in the closet, and work has been done. Soon it’ll be taken out of the closet and we’ll see how it beats. Love is madness, you can’t put it in doses. It either surges over or under.
    Valo says the year has been dark and tough. Misfortunes have happened enough in his near circle.
    His friends have died and gotten very sick, and many couples have broken up.
    -This is a challenge: some super astrologer should look in what position the stars have been. Negative things have happened more than ever. Not necessarily to me, but it has pulled my own wings to the ground for a while.
    HIM will start working on the new album next year. Gigs they have to at least November. In America the band does a Halloween tour warming up for example Papa Roach and Lost Prophets. Valo gets to concentrate in the new songs after that.
    -There really hasn’t been time yet to work them. But I have read a fucking lot and gotten a lot of good ideas.
    It seems the new record will be in the stores in next years November, when Valo himself turns 31.
    So this year Ville Hermanni Valo will face the full thirty. It doesn’t cause a crisis – at least not more than usually.
    -Life as a musician doesn’t run in weekly cycles. And I have had a crisis every year.

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Ville Hermanni Valo.
Ville valo

Born November 22, 1976 created his lovely parents Kari And Anita Valo. He also has a younger brother born in 1984 named Jesse Valo, who is a professional Muay Thai boxer and plays bass in the band Vanity Beach.

Ville is the lead singer for HIM, a Finnish Love Metal band from Helsinki, Findland-formed in 1991. He provides HIM with his lovely baritone vocal range and unique, addicting personality. Grew up loving bass and wanting to play bass, his first true love was Kiss. He absolutely loved Black Sabbath and look up to them more then anyone else. He was in the former bands of B.L.O.O.D, Eloveena Boys, Kemoterapia, and shortly HIM's guitarist side band-Daniel Lioneye.

He's a sober man, since May 2007! Currently resides in a tower in Munkkiniemi in Helsinki, Finland.

HIM consists of:

Ville Valo (Vocals)
Mikko "Linde" Lindstrom (Guitar)
Mikko "Mige Amour" Paananen (Bass)
Janne "Burton" Puurtinen (Keyboard)
Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen (Drums)

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2010 Festival dates!

Aug 7, 2010. 2pm Pori
Finland-Sonisphere Festival.

2010 Sonisphere Festival tickets

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